Available home plans

Chinburg Properties is one of the area’s largest Artform Home Plan builders. ¬†Artform Home Plans is owned by architect Wendy Welton. ¬†Wendy’s company specializes in plans for additions, renovations and predesigned, semi-custom and custom homes. Artform Home Plans is based in Portsmouth, and Wendy Welton is licensed to work as an architect in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Maine.

Wendy Welton’s home plans reinterpret many classic styles to fit modern lifestyles and our fickle New England climate. Her modern take on the craftsman bungalow is a hallmark of many Chinburg Properties developments, and you’ll find her spacious colonials, adaptable “3-generation” homes, and just-right cottages all over the Seacoast, southern New Hampshire and beyond.


The Millay | Home plan

Steppenhaus | Home plan


Strawberry Shortcake | Home plan


Sunny Laughing Daffodil | Home plan


Sweet Peaks | Home Plan


Vanilla Crescent | Home Plan

Bally Kiss | Home Plan


Shetland | Home Plan


Dara | Home Plan


Moira | Home Plan

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